Where to eat in Tavira Algarve ?

Tavira is a place that is rich in gastronomic tradition. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a place for a day time snack, lunch or evening meal. Whichever restaurant is chosen, the visitor will be assured of a splendid meal.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Aquasul Restaurant
This restaurant is a favourite of visitors and ex-pats and is ideal for those seeking international cuisine from fresh ingredients from sustainable market sources. While not too much Portuguese is spoken here, the Dutch proprietors ensure a great dining experience in a cosy mosaic covered restaurant.

Ciclista Restaurant
If you want to dine well with the local crowd this isolated barn stands alone just over the N125 Bridge. If fresh seafood served up grilled by the kilo is what you like then this is the perfect place. Well prepared meat dishes are on offer and the great value restaurant offers very generous portions of food too.

Quatro-Águas Restaurant
This smart looking restaurant has a bit of a tourist hum but is absolutely lovely. There is an outside area overlooking the river which is ideal at lunch time and inside the ambience is perfect for dining on the excellent seafood, meat and fish dishes this restaurant specialises in.

A Barquinha Restaurant
If atmospheric restaurants are what you like, then A Barquinha will fit the bill. This popular venue by the river side is narrow, cosy and cluttered!! However, it does the simplest things perfectly with delicious, tasty salads and grilled local fish. To be admitted, simply knock on the door.
Bica Restaurant
A very popular venue, Bica serves excellent food for fish lovers with cheap but decent Borba wine.

João Belhi Restaurant
This totally authentic Portuguese restaurant is near to the Mercado de Ribeira. There is no outdoor seating, but this is no problem as the comfortable restaurant offers excellent food and atmosphere.

Pizzeria Mamma Mia Restaurant
Last but not least this pizzeria offers a huge range of pizza to suit every taste and also specialises in pasta. If you are able, try the house lasagne as the very generous portion has defeated many! This bright and clean restaurant has great friendly service and is conveniently located beside Tavira’s main taxi rank. There is an open kitchen so you can watch while the chefs are preparing your meal.

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