Praia Verde - Algarve

Doing justice to the name, this beach is surrounded by a stone pine forest that descends in gentle hills to the sand and where chameleons stroll leisurely. The pines take on a curious mushroom shape, the undergrowth is rich and dense throughout the forest.

The beach car park is part of the tourist development that surrounds the beach and offers a fabulous panoramic view over the sandy coastline. To go down to the beach, follow a path paved with Portuguese pavement, framed by tall retamal (characteristic bush of sandy leeward).

On the beach, delicate plants grow, such as the starfish, the showy sand daffodil or the aromatic everlasting sand flower. On the beach there is an old well, testimony to a time when the sea level was further back, which rises and falls as the sea washes away or replaces the sand on the beach. The environment is hot, bright and dry, the sea calm and warm.