Where to eat in Santa Luzia Tavira ?

Santa Luzia is known as the Octopus capital of Portugal. This region is rich in gastronomic heritage and naturally seafood and fish play a significant part of the dining experience. There is plenty of choice to suit all palates and budgets, so you can explore the best of Portuguese and international dining at your leisure during your stay.

Our Suggestions:

Casa do Polvo Tasquinha

For an authentic experience there is no better than this respected restaurant in Santa Luzia, Tavira. There is a great friendly welcome for all diners, yet this restaurant is highly professional. For those that love to be swept away by local music, there are evenings of Fado, the Portuguese musical genre of soulful fatalistic songs and music. The specialities at Casa do Polvo Tasquinha include Octopus Fillets with rice, Octopus Curry, Octopus Carpaccio, Octopus Açorda with shrimp cooked on bread, Octopus Filets with rice, and Octopus Panados. The house speciality is House Octopus with clams and garden potatoes. There is a full selection of wines and desserts.

Restaurant Gaivota

All visitors must try Restaurante Gaivota. On offer is a mixture of dishes all cooked with knowledge and respect for the flavours of the land. Try Octopus with Beans, Pasta with Fish, Prawn Kebab, Grilled Octopus and Rice Octopus. This restaurant also has regional cakes and a good dessert menu.

Restaurant A Casa

Restaurante A Casa is a fine choice with a pleasant ambience with welcoming service. The food is excellent such as the famous Cataplana de Marisco. Fried Cuttlefish strips, Octopus á Lagareiro, Octopus Abafado, House Octopus and different kinds of salad are available. Tuna is also a popular dish here and there are several to try. Homemade desserts are especially good.

Restaurant Alcatruz

Restaurant Alcatruz is a typical Algarvian restaurant deeply entrenched in the gastronomic culture of the Vila de Santa Luzia Tavira. The restaurant has the distinction of serving some of the best octopus dishes in the world according to food critics. To try these dishes, ask for Octopus at Lagarê, Grilled Octopus with potatoes, shellfish porridge and cuttlefish rice. Provides regional and homemade desserts.

Restaurant O Capelo

Another good choice for octopus, this restaurant will also cook you a great Chateuabriand. Other dishes on offer are fish stew, shellfish and rice and flounder. Again an excellent dessert menu is on offer.

Snack-Bar Stop

Authentic Portuguese snacks on offer here with extraordinarily good flavours. Definitely worth a visit especially for a lunch of different salads, octopus, tuna, tuna with pepper, garlic and tomatoes to your taste, cod with chickpeas, Sea Snails, Clams and Bean Clams.

Bakery Pastry Shop Vila Doce

Nothing better than starting the day well or in fact at anytime of the day! This shop is a favourite where you will find freshly baked bread, home made cakes and celebration cakes for weddings and birthdays. Pastries of all kinds are there to tempt you and you can also find quick snacks to eat such as sandwiches and toasted sandwiches, light lunches and desserts.

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