What to see in Santa Luzia Tavira Algarve ?

Old Tuna Rigging

Santa Luzia was once famous for tuna fishing until the fishing stocks dried up. At Barril beach, there is a small museum of the old Tuna Rigging constructed in 1842. It  is still in tact and has been conserved as a fascinating reminder of the village’s history. In the same location on the sand dunes is what the locals call the “Cemitério das Âncoras” or the Cemetery Of Anchors. As the fishing declined and fishermen gave up their occupation, the anchors were left to rust in the dunes. Nobody knows who first had the idea to line them up, but now the anchors are a legacy from that time and make an interesting art installation.

Santa Luzia Mother Church

Dating from the XVI century the Santa Luzia Mother Church is located in the centre of the village at the Church Square. It has been recently renovated with aid from Tavira City Hall and is dedicated to the patron saint after which the village was named. The beautiful and historic interior is well worth a visit as there is plenty to admire in this interesting building.

Ria Formosa Natural Park

For those seeking nature, Santa Luzia is situated on the borders of the Ria Formosa Natural Park. This natural wonder of Portugal is situated along 60 kms of coast land covering an area of 18,400 hectares. This protected area is home to over 200 species of migratory and local birds and the mudflats and lagoons are the perfect habitat. In the summer there are numerous boat trips around the area for nature lovers to enjoy. Be sure to wait until low tide when hundreds of crabs scrambling across the mud flats can be seen.

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