What to do ? | Praia Verde

Enjoy the stunning Praia Verde and all its surroundings

Doing justice to its name, this stunning beach is surrounded by an immense forest of stone pine that descends its gentle hills to the sand and where chameleons stroll peacefully.

The beach car park is located in the tourist complex that surrounds the beach and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the sandy coastline. Going down to the beach, you follow a path paved with Portuguese pavement, framed by bushes characteristic of the eastern Algarve.

On the beach, delicate plants like the “estorno”, the showy “narciso-das-areias” or the aromatic evergreen “perpétua-das-areias”. On the beach, an old well, which has been with us since a time when the sea level was lower, grows and wanes as the sea takes or replaces the sand on the beach. The atmosphere is warm, bright and dry, the sea calm and of a desirable temperature.

Fly with Sky Expedition and enjoy the wonderful landscapes

Experience designed for those who want to feel the flight in a quick but unforgettable way. Flamingos, the Salinas of Reserva do Sapal, a "trip to Praia Verde", a fantastic moment. Ideal for larger groups or families.

Live the dream of flying. Join in a gyrocopter flying experience and feel the lightness of being, flying over the Salinas and the Castro Marim Castle with the Pombaline town of Vila Real de Santo António and the Guadiana river as a backdrop. Come and see Barra and Forte de Cacela Velha, without a doubt one of the "many" wonders of the Algarve.

Add to the 15-minute flight experience the overflight of the Guadiana River which represents the natural border with Spain and compare the houses of Ayamonte with the Pombalino style of Vila Real de Santo António.

Play golf in Monte-Rei and enjoy the extraordinary landscapes

Situated in the heart of the authentic Eastern Algarve, Monte Rei has around 400 hectares of stunning scenery overlooking the Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, considered many times the best course in Portugal since its opening.

Monte Rei is a recognized paradise for golf lovers, offering a unique opportunity to play on a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course that puts the skills of different players to the test, from the most experienced to the youngest.