Santa Luzia Tavira

Santa Luzia is a pretty fishing village, situated around 2 kms from Tavira and the lovely beaches at Ilha de Tavira. The morning in Santa Luzia by the harbour is busy and bustling as the octopus catch is brought ashore and displayed for sale in the local market. At other times of the day the harbour reverts to a sleepy, slow, relaxed pace. For visitors who miss the morning activity of the fishing boats coming in, there are plenty more chances to sample the daily catch. Octopus for which this area is famous can be tried by dining in one of many village restaurants that line the harbour. Eating under the stars eating the day’s catch while watching the colourful fishing boats bob on the water is a perfect past time.

The village of Santa Luzia (Saint Lucy) was named after the Sicilian martyr who was born in Syracuse, Italy. She is the patron saint of eye problems and blindness. The area was named after her following the finding at sea of a Holy relic by a local fisherman. The Holy relic had been lost at sea during a storm previously. Today relics of Santa Luzia reside in Lisbon.

The village was settled around 1577 by local fishermen. The area has always retained strong connections with the sea through its traditional methods of fishing. New techniques developed for fishing the local catch but today the same kind of clay pot that was used in Phoenician times are used to catch the octopus. Each terracotta pot is identified with the fisherman’s name and chicken pieces are used as bait. A rope ties around the neck of the pots and a string of them four metres apart are laid on the sandy flat sea bed up to 30 metres deep. The octopus climbs into the pot and cannot get back out again.

This interesting and scenic village will offer the visitor a pleasurable experience in an area of outstanding natural beauty, superb food, sandy beaches and easy access to the nearby town of Tavira – another gem of the Algarve.

In this video you can see an aerial overview of Santa Luzia Algarve. 

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Santa Luzia Tavira, Algarve – Land of Sun and Sea

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